What is the Journey to Transformation?

The Journey to Transformation is a principle-based training and mentoring process developed by The Sentinel Group that helps revival-hungry communities prepare for spiritual awakening, a distillation of 15 years of observational research in scores of transformed locations around the world.

It is a process that is designed to prepare a community for divine visitation and subsequent societal transformation — a condition otherwise known as spiritual awakening.

Because this is a process and not a program, our experience has shown us that the journey itself can last anywhere from three months to a year depending on a community’s readiness to free itself from competing distractions. This time is spent understanding God’s expectations, counting the cost to proceed, building individual and corporate faith, confessing and repenting of known sin, and prevailing with God in prayer.

The Journey to Transformation is a process comprised of strategic and intentional encounters surrounded by a personal and corporate commitment to the principles shared. While God's principles of transformation never change, how and when God manifests Himself is unique to every person and community.  

The centerpiece of The Journey to Transformation process consists of multi-phase training encounters that include a Discovery Weekend, a 14-week Community Encounter and a post-visitation Awakening to Transformation. Many faculty members are drawn from previously transformed communities and are therefore able to augment their teaching with firsthand experiences.

For more information, view the Ten-Step Journey to Transformation process document, which fully explains the teaching and ministry opportunities that go along with the JTT process.


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