The Journey to Transformation (or JTT) is a process that is designed to prepare

a community for divine visitation and subsequent societal transformation —

a condition otherwise known as spiritual awakening.

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Who should take this journey?

Many Christians talk longingly about revival, but then get lost in the fog of doubt and uncertainty. They grieve over the condition of their community, but can’t seem to find the pathway to genuine change. They suspect that God is concerned about their plight, but are conflicted over his apparent reluctance to intervene. They do what they can in his absence, but it never seems to be enough.


Happily, the JTT process offers a powerful solution to people who are desperate for genuine results. Employing a combination of biblical teaching, inspiring examples, and clear action steps, it rebuilds godly expectancy that leads to health and wholeness.


Having spent more than a decade examining hundreds of transformation success stories, we are convinced that proper preparation — which begins with counting the cost of such a venture — is essential. While it is sometimes true that a journey is its own reward, in the matter of transforming revival, success is all about reaching our intended destination.

Discovery Weekends

The Discovery Weekend is a critical first step in the journey towards community transformation. Open to all comers, it begins by establishing the need for transforming revival, moves on to define what success looks like, and ends with a thorough discussion of both the process and cost

of preparing for a divine visitation.


In short, this introductory weekend sets forth the core considerations that a community must reflect on before committing to pursue the Journey to Transformation.


The weekend includes 12 hours of instruction presented in a few alternative time formats. This teaching is the product of fifteen years of research into transforming revival.

The Discovery Weekend is divided into four modules with three sessions in each module.

1.  Our Need for Transforming Revival

2.  Defining Transforming Revival

3.  Preparing for Transforming Revival

4.  The Cost of Transforming Revival

What will you learn?

  • The Discovery Weekend will give you hope that there is a path that leads to powerful and pervasive change for both church and community.
  • The Discovery Weekend will provide a common understanding, language, and vision for what God wants to do in your community.
  • The Discovery Weekend will stir within you a deeper hunger for God and His presence in your life, home, church, and community.

Why attend a Discovery Weekend?

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Our JTT Team

Larry Lane

National Director of the Journey to Transformation

Larry pastored churches in Rockville, MD and in Chico, CA for over 30 years. In 2012 he began

with the Journey to Transformation, and in 2016, assumed the role of National Coordinator.

Sherrie Moore

Tim White

Bonnie Reimers

Julio Orozco




Latin Director

Regional Coordinator

Regional Coordinator

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