Revival is in peak season.

Why not get out and look around?

Have you ever wished that you could visit one of the transformed communities featured

in a Sentinel Group documentary?

Have you longed to experience firsthand the wonder of God’s presence and power?


Now you can!

This year the ministry will be offering multiple opportunities to visit the front lines of revival. So if

you are serious about an up-close-and-personal encounter with some of God’s finest present day handiwork, consider signing up for a guided FIRE Tour (Firsthand Inquiry into Revival Experience).


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March 27 - April 1


$563 - $1,250

Fifteen years ago, this former mining camp was a decaying shell – its former glory as the world’s leading producer of high quality coal replaced by rusting buildings, crippling unemployment,

and widespread hopelessness.


But what the world saw as a lost cause, God viewed as an opportunity to manifest his great love

and power. As a handful of saints combined desperate prayer with expectant obedience,

God suddenly and dramatically began to breathe new life into the city’s dry bones.


A remarkable story of redemption and deliverance, see what happens when God speaks life to the dry bones of a dying community — and why Washington, DC is so interested. This is revival

 in Daniel Boone country!

 During our tour in Lynch, you will have a chance to tour the community, see the changes that have

taken place, interview the people God used to bring about transformation, and discuss how a

similar breakthrough can happen in your own community.


The closest airport to Lynch is Knoxville, TN (TYS). It is about 2.5 hours away, so ground transportation will be required to reach the final destination.


Tour costs will run between $563 and $1,250, depending on lodging preferences. Airfare and transfers are not included.

More 2017 tours coming soon!

Frequently asked questions

  • What happens on a FIRE Tour?

    Every FIRE Tour is different, but the general format includes briefings and testimonies from community leaders, revival catalysts, and individuals uniquely impacted by God’s power. They also feature visits to places where miracles and transformation have occurred. At most stops, participants will have an opportunity to ask locals about the process and principles underlying the awakening – sometimes even taking meals with them. Finally, tours will often include enjoyable cultural experiences and evening afterglow sessions with tour hosts and/or team leaders.


  • How long do the tours last?

    FIRE Tours typically last between five and ten days, including travel time. Specific length is determined by a community’s location, the density of stories in the area, and potential excursions.


  • How large are the tours?

    Tours are generally capped at twenty-five participants in order to preserve a more intimate feel, and to give individuals the opportunity to interact meaningfully with local believers. A tour limit also allows us to avoid disrupting daily routines in small communities.


  • Is there leadership support on the tours?

    Each FIRE Tour includes at least one guide and one logistics officer. The former will set up and interpret the various tour activities, while the latter will assist participants with practical matters relating to transportation, lodging, and meals.

  • How much do the tours cost?

    Costs vary according to tour location and length, with a typical price range being between $1,200 and $4,000 per person. These figures include travel, and there are price breaks for couples and families who share rooms.


  • What does my tour fee cover?

    Tour fees typically cover everything other than transportation to and from the location, snacks, gifts, and spending money. The big variable is accommodation choice, with private rooms costing more, and shared rooms costing less.

  • When are specific tour dates set?

    Tentative dates are provided up front, but tours are not confirmed until a minimum participant threshold has been reached. If this threshold is not met 90 days prior to departure, the tour is either postponed or canceled.

  • How do I apply to go on a FIRE Tour?

    Anyone interested in going on a FIRE Tour can either phone or email the Sentinel Group to obtain a simple application form. In addition to filling out this form, applicants are required to obtain a reference from their pastor or spiritual leader. Once this paperwork is submitted, participants are put on a wait list until enough interest has been registered to make the tour viable. Once that threshold is reached, the ministry will issue a confirmation document so final plans can be made.

  • Can I tour with my own group?

    Yes, but only if interest is registered well in advance. We cannot exceed the twenty-five- person limit on tour size, and we will not allow groups within a tour to break off and do their own thing. If a group desires to take an exclusive tour and has enough people to make such a proposition viable, special arrangements can generally be made.

  • If tours fill up, will others be added?

    Often, but not always. Sometimes circumstances at a particular destination make it difficult or impossible to run tours through in succession. This being said, every effort will be made to accommodate interested parties — either by scheduling another tour to the original destination at the earliest possible date, or by suggesting an alternative destination.

  • Can I request to go to unlisted destinations?

    Possibly – if the request is made on behalf of a large enough group, involves an authentically transformed community we are familiar with, and is submitted well in advance. The Sentinel Group does not make private arrangements for individuals and small groups.

My wife and I had the privilege of going on a FIRE Tour to the beautiful country of Fiji. Our lives were changed forever as we listened to the testimonies of tribal chiefs, governmental leaders, and many others who have experienced God's transforming grace! The tour was orchestrated to give us a ‘front row seat’ to observe the natural beauty of Fiji and to hear, first hand, about the amazing things God is doing in and through the gracious people of Fiji. If you are desiring a life-changing experience, we encourage you to book the next flight! Who knows, we may just meet you there!


        - Dr. and Mrs. Buddy Hicks, Porter, TX



Thanks for the privilege of being a part of the training and tour to Northern Brazil. My life was impacted permanently, and eternally.


        - Steve Loopstra, Gold Bar, WA



I encourage any person who is hungry for change in their life and sphere of influence to go on a Sentinel Group FIRE Tour. I have traveled twice to Fiji and each time have come back with new hope for my city and region. The principles you learn are relevant and applicable to any people. Expect your life to change as you see the Awesome works of our God firsthand.


        - Rev. Lonny Robbins, Trinity Fellowship, Pampa, TX



We believe the results in Fiji are directly transferable to our people on Native Reservations. We have returned home with renewed HOPE that God can do a great thing among the First Nations peoples of North America.

We paid $2,500 for this journey to see and taste what God is doing among peoples who return to Him. We would have paid $25,000!


        - Rita Bear Gray, Auburn, WA