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Our award-winning documentaries feature unique stories of redemption, deliverance, and ultimately, transformation.

Firsthand Tours

Have you ever wished that you could visit one of the transformed communities featured in a Sentinel Group documentary? Now you can!

Bring it Home

The Journey to Transformation is a process that is designed to prepare your community for divine visitation and subsequent societal transformation.

A booming mining town that once set world records, now lay eerily quiet, rusting, and still. The community's complexion marred by rusting mine equipment, broken windows, and collapsed roofs.

But just went it looked like Lynch's story was ending, things started to get interesting...

Men of Faith

George Müller was born September 27, 1805 and lived almost the entire nineteenth century, dying March 10, 1898, at the age of 92. He saw the great awakening of 1859 [an outgrowth of the 1857 awakening that began in New York City, which, he said, “led to the conversion of hundreds of thousands.”

Glory in the Harbor

It began as a small prayer meeting for businessmen in lower Manhattan. Within six months, 10,000 people gathered every day over the noon hour for prayer...And that was only the beginning. It spread throughout the US and then jumped the pond to Ireland and spread though Europe and Africa.

Catch the Bug

Theodore Cuyler was born in 1822 in the Finger Lakes region of western New York. This is the area in which Charles Finney experienced many outpourings of the Spirit in revival. Although Cuyler was quite young during these outpourings, never underestimate what a child can absorb...

"These true stories of transformed
communities have changed me
and challenged me."

Tim White

"It was the Sentinel Group that challenged my long held beliefs concerning
the biblical definitions/patterns of revival."

Buddy Hicks

"The Transformations Videos have forged a path for
us as we serve our city."

Matt Stevens

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