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Hope at the Crossroads

April 25-27
Grandview, MO
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Our award-winning documentaries feature unique stories of redemption, deliverance, and ultimately, transformation.

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Have you ever wished that you could visit one of the transformed communities featured in a Sentinel Group documentary? Now you can!

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The Journey to Transformation is a process that is designed to prepare your community for divine visitation and subsequent societal transformation.

"These true stories of transformed
communities have changed me
and challenged me."

Tim White

"It was the Sentinel Group that challenged my long held beliefs concerning the biblical definitions/patterns of revival."

Buddy Hicks

"The Transformations Videos have forged a path for us
as we serve our city."

Matt Stevens
Teach Me to Pray, Part 5

One major request of the disciples was, “Lord, teach us to pray.” The disciples had an intimate view of the prayer life of their Master. Jesus prayed with them, but, more often, He went off to be alone to spend time in His Father’s presence.

It Only Takes a Spark

“It only takes a spark to get a fire going . . ."
If you are old enough, you not only recognize that phrase, you can probably finish the song. The chorus references God’s love, but it may be even more true when applied to transforming revival.

The House Shook Under the Power of Prayer

The group of praying men gathered in an old stone house near the town of Barvis on the isle of Lewis, off the western coast of Scotland. Opposition to the revival was being raised in other parts of the island. The evening was given to waiting upon God in the home of an elder. Around midnight, Duncan Campbell...

A mining town that once set world records now lay eerily quiet, rusting, and still.
But just when it looked like Lynch's story was ending...thing's started to get interesting.

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