Revival is in peak season. Why not get out and look around?
Have you ever wished that you could visit one of the transformed communities featured in a Sentinel Group documentary? Have you longed to experience firsthand the wonder of God’s presence and power?

Now you can!
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the Kentucky Revival Tour

Tour Dates
June 19-26th, 2021
Tour Cost
$1099 (person) or $1699 (couple)
Tour Status
    This tour is open!

This tour runs Saturday through the following Saturday, and includes the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY, the historical sites of the Cane Ridge Revival, the Red River Revival, and the Asbury Revival, along with the current revival cities of Manchester and Lynch, as well as museums near Manchester & Lynch.  

Cost includes: Transportation, Lodging, and Event Fees. Not included: 4 dinners and 3 lunches

Lynch, Kentucky:

Featured in our documentary, It’s Only Cookie Dough, Lynch is a community bathed in mist and shadow on the woody margins of Harlan County. A town where 10,000 people once gathered from around the world to extract high-quality coal from seams underneath Black Mountain. Decisions made from afar devastated Appalachia, putting thousands of men out of work. In time, the community's complexion was marred by rusting mine equipment, broken windows, and collapsed roofs. Drugs and rain seeped in, while hope for the future seemed to trickle out on the silt-laden waters of Looney Creek. Only it didn't. Just when Lynch's story looked like it was ending, things started to get interesting. Behind the scenes, a handful of desperate prayer warriors would not let go. It all started with faith, and a little cookie dough.

Manchester, Kentucky:

Featured in our documentary, An Appalachian Dawn, Clay County has long been at the nexus of history. Daniel Boone left plenty of footprints here, but he was hardly alone. For over 200 years, the people who followed him into this secluded corner of America generated enough heroism and infamy to salt the headlines of virtually every major newspaper in the land. Sadly, much of the news was dark - vicious feuds, crushing poverty, pervasive corruption, and epic drug abuse. By the early 2000's, the situation was so bleak that any family that could was fleeing to greener pastures. Those who stayed behind fought a running battle with hopelessness as illicit drugs threatened to consume an entire generation.

And then it happened. As a desperate band of believers cried, “Enough!” the Presence of God descended on the town of Manchester and transformed it into the City of Hope.

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the American Revival Heritage Tour

Tour Dates
Fall 2021
Tour Cost
$1549 (shared room), $2099 (single room)
Tour Status
    This tour is open

Informative – Inspirational – Life Changing!

Scheduled during the peak of New England’s spectacular fall colors, this 9-night, 8-day tour will both educate and inspire. History will come alive—but not just American history—the history of God’s reviving work in this nation. We have failed to tell the amazing stories of God’s transforming grace that revealed His glory and shaped a nation. The stories will come alive in their historic locations. This intimate tour (limited to 11 participants) will hear from expert guides and is structured to inspire and challenge our own walk with God. The tour begins at Park Street Church, Boston, still at its original site and still preaching the Gospel, winds its way through Massachusetts, upstate New York, and the I-78 corridor in New Jersey before ending in New York City, worshiping at the Brooklyn Gospel Tabernacle. Careful attention has been given to make this tour the experience of a lifetime.

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the Papua New Guinea Tour

Tour Dates
Coming 2021
Tour Cost
Tour Status
    This tour is open

Information coming 2021

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