About Sentinel

Go, set a watchman.  Let him declare what he sees.
Isaiah 21:6

  Our History

The Sentinel Group was founded in 1990 by well-traveled missions researcher, George Otis, Jr. In 1999, we released our first documentary, "Transformations", which went on to be viewed by over 250 million people. To date, we have released nine award-winning documentary films, each chronicling unique stories of transformational revival, redemption, and deliverance.
We also offer training and tours for those wishing to see God move in their community.

  What we do

Sentinel is a community of researchers, filmmakers, and ministers dedicated to the task of preparing needy
communities for spiritual revival and societal transformation. We accomplish this goal by:

• Investigating the rising tide of divinely transformed communities to detect patterns and extract principles.

• Inspiring new hope and expectancy among Christians whose neighborhoods have not yet experienced the Father's touch.

• Instructing inspired believers how to take the steps necessary for God to heal their land - involving revival advocates in a supportive international fellowship of transformation partners.

  Statement of Faith

Our staff represent a variety of churches, and are all evangelical Christians. For his personal statement of faith, George Otis, Jr. subscribes to the Lausanne Covenant. The Lausanne Conference on World Evangelization was convened by Billy Graham, with 2,700 participantsfrom 150 nations. Billy Graham's purpose was to "unite all evangelicals in the common task ofthe total evangelization of the world."