Arrows & Arks

A new curriculum for parents.

Arrows and Arks addresses two goals of the Christian parent – to launch our children to be useful instruments in the hand of God (arrows), and to preserve them from drowning in our fallen culture (arks). The program is designed to give parents tools to fulfill their God-given responsibility to disciple their children. Studies have shown that Christian parents struggle greatly with this task for two reasons: they feel inadequate, and they believe they do not have the time. Arrows and Arks takes on both challenges, and provides a pathway for parents to give their children necessary tools to launch and preserve them in the faith.

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Arrows & Arks: The Complete Curriculum

The complete Arrows & Arks curriculum includes all 24 video sessions, divided into 6 modules.

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Module 1: Frame the Hull

Session 1: The Baton of Faith
Larry shares keys to passing the faith from one generation to the next
Session 2: An Unshakeable World View
Tara explores the role of a worldview in discipleship
Session 3: A Heart Connection
Larry explains the role of emotional connection in the spiritual formation of children
Session 4: A Gospel-Centered Home
Larry teaches what it means to place the Gospel at the center of spiritual development

Module 2: Build the Rooms

Session 5: Margins, Boundaries, and the Family Calendar
Tara confronts the challenge of discipling our children in the midst of busy schedules
Session 6: Holy Habits
Tara highlights the core spiritual values we need to develop in our children
Session 7: Intentional Spontaneity
Tara explores ways to use unscripted moments to disciple our children
Session 8: One Size Does Not Fit All
Larry helps align discipleship goals with developmental stages

Module 3: Coat it with Pitch

Session 9: The Power of Honor and Blessing
Larry explains the role of generational blessing and honor in spiritual formation
Session 10: The Art of War
Larry instructs parents on how to pray for our children and teach them how to pray
Session 11: Discipleship in the Digital Age
Tara dives into a critical discussion on the impact of digital media on discipleship
Session 12: Better Together: The Family Tribe
Larry explores the role of a supportive tribe in an individualistic culture

Module 4: They Will Not Be Put to Shame

Session 13: Society's Slippery Slope
Larry dives into a discussion on cultural decline and the impact that has on our children
Session 14: End Times Survival Guide
 Larry lays out a case for the soon return of Christ and how to prepare our children
Session 15: Raising Lions
Tara highlights the all-important development of courage in a hostile culture
Session 16: Engaging the World
Tara tackles the sensitive subject of protecting our children from the world versus exposing them to the world

Module 5: Contending with the Enemies in the Gate

Session 17: [Un]apologetic: The Bible and Absolute Truth
Jesse addresses teaching our children the Bible as the final authority in their lives
Session 18: Confronting the "isms"
Tara explains the various cultural influences impacting our children
Session 19: Chasing Love: Sexuality and Gender Identity
Jesse helps parents understand and teach children biblical gender identity
Session 20: Moral Purity
Larry provides a roadmap for parents to help their children remain sexually pure

Module 6: Blessing, Heritage and Reward

Session 21: Epic Stories
Larry explains and illustrates the role and power of stories in the discipleship journey
Session 22: Ignite: Writing your Family Story
Tara reveals why and how your family can live a great, God-honoring story
Session 23: Kids on a Mission
Tara shares practical ways to shape your children’s heart for serving the Lord
Session 24: Exit Strategy
Larry lays out principles to prepare your children to thrive after leaving the home