Message Sets

Unleashing the Power of Informed Intercessionby George Otis, Jr.

5-CD Set:  $7.99

Imagine a community where 92 percent of the population is born again; city jails have been closed for lack of crime; economic prosperity is so pronounced it is studied by international experts. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. George Otis, Jr. has examined many such cases. Unleashing the Power of Informed Intercession is a distillation of his observations. This 5-CD audio curriculum provides a comprehensive exploration of spiritual mapping and how such a tool aids intercessors in transforming a community.

Redeeming Cultureby Harold Caballeros

2-DVD Set:  $7.99

Worldview and mindset are the instruments of spiritual powers to influence society and gain authority over entire people groups. This affects land as well as people and God wants to redeem not only man, but creation. God has a purpose for our life - to become agents of transformation, hope, and revival. The Bible tells us to not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. Harold explains why this is necessary and how it happens.

Preparing for a Spiritual Awakeningby George Otis, Jr

2-DVD Set:  $7.99     |     3-CD Set:  $7.99

Session 1 - Recovering Our Roots in a Spiritually Homesick Age: Religious programming cannot fulfill our longing for identity and purpose. Only encountering the presence of God will satisfy.
Session 2 - Nero’s Tutor: Answering the Core Questions of Life: Transforming revival literally transforms culture and society. God is using people from all ages and spheres of society as catalysts. The essential criteria He is looking for are humility and availability.
Session 3 - Preparing for a Spiritual Awakening: Transforming revival is triggered when our appetite for God’s presence trumps all other hungers in our life. Learn to identity genuine revival & necessary precursors to prepare the way for Him. Before we can be agents of change, we must become changed agents.

Revival: Prepare Ye the Way of the Lordby Campbell McAlpine

6-CD Set:  $12.99

Part 1: Prophetic Preparation
Part 2: Purifying Preparation
Part 3: Purifying Preparation (cont.)
Part 4: Prayer Preparation
Part 5: Prayer Preparation (cont.), and Preparation for Persecution
Part 6: Revival - Preparing People to Prepare the Way

The Mind of Christby John Mulinde

2-CD Set:  $5.99

Every nation has a destiny in God. God wants nations to serve Him, open up for His presence & His Word to be the laws of the land, and show His character.

Understanding the Territorial Aspects of Commitmentby George Otis, Jr.

2-CD Set:  $3.99

Community transformation requires not only commitment to God and to people, but also to a specific geographical location.

Stewardship of the Land, Parts 1 & 2, and Healing of the Landby Alistair Petrie

3-CD Set:  $7.99

Land is mentioned 1,717 times in the Bible, and is a picture of God’s love for His people. Alistair explains how man’s sin establishes strongholds in the church and in the city, and causes people to be blinded to the Gospel. As stewards of the land, we need to remove the impediments to healing and transformation. These messages are filled with information and insights on God’s desire to see entire cities saved and what His purposes are for us as individuals and as a church. Alistair shares many principles from Scripture along with current examples—some quite humorous!

Lynch Documentary & Teaching Set

4-DVD Set:  $44.99 $19.99     |     1 DVD & 3-CD Set:  $34.99 $14.99

It's Only Cookie Dough: Lynch, Kentucky — where 10,000 coal miners from around the world set world mining records, fueling wartime steel production. In the war on coal, thousands lost their jobs. As the town was dying, a handful of desperate prayer warriors would not let go, and the town was transformed. It all started with faith, and a little cookie dough.
Teachings from Lonnie Riley: Part 1: Preparing for Revival, Part 2: Realization of the Lord’s Presence, and Part 3: How God Sustains the Work Long Term.

Hope at the Crossroads Complete Setby various speakers

10-DVD Set:  $39.99     |     10-CD Set:  $19.99

Hope at the Crossroads presents not just theories, but real stories of community transformation as told by people who have witnessed God’s power alter the landscape of their city and region. Today, many well-meaning voices share the “theories” they believe will lead to transforming revival… hear from those who are living it. Get this 10 DVD or 10 CD set today.


Individual Messages

Transformational Prayerby George Otis, Jr.

DVD Session:  $5.99

A timeless message, even more relevant now than when George gave this teaching. He answers many questions people have after viewing a documentary of a transformed community. How many people need to pray - and for how long - in order to see their community transformed? How do we know if God is listening to us, and if our prayers are being answered? What are the elements of transformational or prevailing prayer? And, after so many coordinated efforts of people praying, why do so many serious problems persist in our own country and around the world - corruption, violence, human trafficking? George gives clear answers, with powerful illustrations from Scripture and recent transforming revivals.

Spiritual Homesicknessby George Otis, Jr.

DVD Session:  $5.99

As we welcome the presence of God into a city, the character and identity of the city will change.

Abandonment With Expectationby George Otis, Jr.

DVD Session:  $5.99

Our own strength and resources are not close to being adequate to transform our community. Community transformation requires invasive, supernatural power. We need to push the pause button on our lives and religious agendas and say, “God, speak. Invade my space with your presence. Bring a fresh word and revelation to me about what I need to do and we need to do now."

The Nature & Process of Community Transformationby George Otis, Jr.

CD Session:  $3.99

Thorough teaching, including the difference between transformation and reformation, and between transformation and city reaching/ church growth.

Hindrances to Revivalby Colin Peckham

CD Session:  $3.99

We can be far from God, even though we are using the right language in prayer meetings. If we have lost intimacy with God, and our heart is hard and cold, we need to ask God to restore that first love where God comes and speaks to our soul. It costs to enter into the presence of God and bare our soul open before Him so He can have dealings with us. It is agony, but it is glory! Colin discusses the problems that prevent revival and how we can deal with the problems.

Obeying the Heavenly Visionby C. Peter Wagner

CD Session:  $3.99

In this introduction for a conference on Spiritual Mapping, C. Peter Wagner explains the historical progress the Church has made in fulfilling the Great Commission and evaluates the powerful tools God has given us to finish the task. A very informative address delivered with humor.

Loyalty, Offenses, & Betrayalby Campbell McAlpine

CD Session:  $3.99

In John 17:21, Jesus prayed concerning His followers, “that they may all be one; even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, so that the world may believe that You sent Me.” [NASB] Campbell McAlpine shows the relationship between offenses, disloyalty, and betrayal — each of which hinders our unity with other Christians and destroys the one thing that Jesus said would convince the world that God sent the Father.

Roll Away the Stoneby Campbell McAlpine

CD Session:  $3.99

Campbell gives a number of examples from Scripture of people needing to roll away a stone. We need to ask ourselves if there is a problem in our lives that is preventing the outflowing of the life of God. As we expose this so God can deal with it, then the world can see through the church the delivering power of God.

Contemporary Revival: God’s Strategy for the Hourby Winkie Pratney

DVD Session:  $5.99

Sin fractured & dislocated the beauty & order God had created, damaging the land as well as people. As we bring the Gospel to a nation, we are saving the life of the nation and restoring its culture to normal. The ultimate end of revival is not just forgiveness of sin, but also, literally healing the land. Winkie gives a thorough biblical exposition of how sin has damaged the land and how God desires to heal it.

Healing the Land: Lessons from Fijiby Vuniani Nakauyaca

DVD Session:  $5.99

The Gospel applies to all of life - the land as well as the people. Vuni shows the role the church has to see creation be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God.

Prepare the Way for the Coming of the Lord!by Vuniani Nakauyaca

DVD Session:  $5.99

In the first section, Roger Armbruster presents an Inuit flag from the Canadian Arctic to Vuni, and a group from Hopi-Land in Arizona shares dances & testimonies. Then, Vuni continues explaining how the church is the key to reach a community and to lead a nation.

The Destiny of Nationsby John Mulinde

DVD Session:  $5.99

Every nation has a God-given destiny. The whole world is besieged by powers of darkness, seeking to thwart God’s purposes in each nation. When people seek after God and find Him, God heals & blesses the nation. That nation becomes a blessing to other nations, and God can use them in the redemption of mankind worldwide. Jesus’ desire is to make all nations ministers of the Gospel. John gives powerful examples of how God transformed Uganda, as desperate people travailed in prayer.

What Are His Requirements for Revival?by John Mulinde

DVD Session:  $5.99

God is faithful to bring revival when we fulfill the conditions in 2 Chron. 7:14. God is not arbitrary. John powerfully refutes faith-destroying false ideas - e.g., God only brings revival every 50 or 100 years, and we can do nothing to bring revival if this is not God’s time; or, if we pray for revival, we may not see it, but perhaps our children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren will.

Contending for the Landby John Mulinde

DVD Session:  $5.99

All creation has been corrupted and defiled, and is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God. We are crying out to God to transform our communities. But are we also crying desperately to God to mold us into the vessels He can use to open the gates and allow His glory to come through?John explains we need to ask God to teach us how to surrender and to yield everything to Him so that we can fulfill the original purposes He had for man to rule over His creation.

Humilityby Dr. Ruth Ruibal

DVD Session:  $5.99

"God has the key to every city. He knows how to reach into the hearts of people. And every city is different." Humility is the first step to being dependent on God.

Unity in Cali, Colombiaby Dr. Ruth Ruibal

CD Session:  $5.99

The story of how the churches in Cali, Colombia became united, and the remarkable results.

Prayer, the Making of an Intercessorby Dr. Naila Ricketts

DVD Session:  $5.99

Desperate times require desperate prayer until transforming revival comes to your community. Naila gives principles and examples from Jamaica.

The Erosion of American Christendom (Part 1)by George Otis, Jr.

DVD Session:  $5.99    |     CD Session:  $3.99

George starts this series with good news - defining transforming revival, giving examples, and describing results that, in some cases, lasted over a hundred years. He then proceeds to discuss the serious problem in a number of Western countries of an exodus from Scripture, church services, and prayer meetings, as they rapidly transition to secularized societies.


The Rise of Generation Z (Part 2)by George Otis, Jr.

DVD Session:  $5.99      |     CD Session:  $3.99

The escalating divorce between American youth and religion is centered around two emergent generations – the younger Millenials and Generation Z  (teens). Gen Z is the first fully post-Christian generation in American history. As the Internet’s most savvy and prolific users, Gen Zers are the first generation to breach God’s restraining barrier established at Babel.


A Way Forward (Part 3)by George Otis, Jr.

DVD Session:  $5.99    |     CD Session:  $3.99

This final message provides additional information about the massive exodus of young people from church. Christian attempts to be “hip” have failed to reach teens and young Millennials who long for authentic spiritual experiences. In closing, George presents five prescriptive suggestions to stem the exodus of young people from the Christian faith.


Preparing For Revival (Part 1)by Lonnie Riley

DVD Session:  $5.99     |     CD Session:  $3.99

For everything God did in the Bible, He always had some point person who was so committed & so sold out to Him that everything functioned according to God’s design through that leader or through that person. Lonnie explains and illustrates what changes God requires in us so we can know His heart and plans for our lives and see Him do the impossible in our situations.


Realization of the Lord's Presence (Part 2)by Lonnie Riley

DVD Session:  $5.99     |     CD Session:  $3.99

Lonnie & Belinda came to impoverished Lynch, Kentucky to help people and to share Jesus. In obedience to God’s specific directions, they have pioneered many ministries, and a third of the county has come to know Jesus. As Lonnie learned to hear a Word from God and believe it, God has answered every prayer. He shares many amazing and miraculous ways God has met needs and transformed the community.


How God Sustains the Work Long Term (Part 3)by Lonnie Riley

DVD Session:  $5.99     |     CD Session:  $3.99

If we do not see God doing any mighty works, we need to get on our face before God and pray, “God, show Yourself strong on behalf of Your people so that we can tell the praiseworthy deeds of our God to the next generation so they will understand God is exactly who He says He is.” Lonnie is convinced that what God has done in Lynch, He can do in any community.


Revival Is Familyby Thai Lam

DVD Session:  $5.99     |     CD Session:  $3.99

The story of the Gospel is a family story. When the world looks at how we’re pursuing God together, loving each other, and loving the lost, they will see God is real and He is worth everything.


Observations From Pine Ridgeby Norma Blacksmith

DVD Session:  $5.99     |     CD Session:  $3.99

Norma shares a little of her testimony and much about amazing answers to prayer and spiritual warfare on the darkest Native American reservation in the U.S., as well as in the neighboring small town of Whiteclay, Nebraska.


Panel Discussion on Prayer & Revivalby various speakers

DVD Session:  $5.99     |     CD Session:  $3.99

George Otis Jr., Lonnie Riley, and Glenn Sheppard give insightful, practical, and encouraging answers to questions from conference attendees, moderated by Larry Lane. You have likely also wondered about some of these same issues.


What We Don't Know Can Hurt Usby Larry Lane

DVD Session:  $5.99    |     CD Session:  $3.99

There is a familiar, but tragic, picture in Revelation 3. Jesus stands outside this church knocking, waiting for an invitation to enter. By all appearances, the church is clueless of His absence. How did this happen? Could it happen to us? And why is the answer to this critical to the onset of transforming revival?