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Complete Message Sets

DVD Set:  $79.99       |       CD Set:  $39.99

Hope at the Crossroads: Complete DVD Set

This 10 DVD set includes all 10 sessions from the Hope at the Crossroads conference.

Hope at the Crossroads: Complete CD Set

This 10 CD set includes all 10 sessions from the Hope at the Crossroads conference.

Individual Messages

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Part 1: The Erosion of American Christendom

George starts with good news - defining transforming revival, giving examples, and describing results that, in some cases, lasted over a hundred years. He then proceeds to discuss the serious problem in a number of Western countries of an exodus from Scripture, church services, and prayer meetings, as they rapidly transition to secularized societies.

Part 2: The Rise of Generation Z

The escalating divorce between American youth and religion is centered around two emergent generations – the younger Millenials and Generation Z  (teens). Gen Z is the first fully post-Christian generation in American history. As the Internet’s most savvy and prolific users, Gen Zers are the first generation to breach God’s restraining barrier established at Babel.

Part 3: A Way Forward

This final message provides additional information about the massive exodus of young people from church. Christian attempts to be “hip” have failed to reach teens and young Millennials who long for authentic spiritual experiences.

In closing, George presents five prescriptive suggestions to stem the exodus of young people from the Christian faith.

Part 1: Preparing For Revival

For everything God did in the Bible, He always had some point person who was so committed & so sold out to Him that everything functioned according to God’s design through that leader or through that person. Lonnie explains and illustrates what changes God requires in us so we can know His heart and plans for our lives and see Him do the impossible in our situations.

Part 2: Realization of the Lord's Presence

Lonnie & Belinda came to impoverished Lynch, Kentucky to help people and to share Jesus. In  obedience to God’s specific directions, they have pioneered many ministries, and a third of the county has come to know Jesus. As Lonnie learned to hear a Word from God and believe it, God has answered every prayer. He shares many amazing and miraculous ways God has met needs and transformed the community.

Part 3: How God Sustains the Work Long Term

If we do not see God doing any mighty works, we need to get on our face before God and pray, “God, show Yourself strong on behalf of Your people so that we can tell the praiseworthy deeds of our God to the next generation so they will understand God is exactly who He says He is.” Lonnie is convinced that what God has done in Lynch, He can do in any community.

Revival Is Family

The story of the Gospel is a family story. When the world looks at how we’re pursuing God together, loving each other, and loving the lost, they will see God is real and He is worth everything.

Observations From Pine Ridge

Norma shares a little of her testimony and much about amazing answers to prayer and spiritual warfare on the darkest Native American reservation in the U.S., as well as in the neighboring small town of Whiteclay, Nebraska.

Panel Discussion on Prayer & Revival

George Otis Jr., Lonnie Riley, and Glenn Sheppard give insightful, practical, and encouraging answers to questions from conference attendees, moderated by Larry Lane. You have likely also wondered about some of these same issues.

What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us

There is a familiar, but tragic, picture in Revelation 3. Jesus stands outside this church knocking, waiting for an invitation to enter. By all appearances, the church is clueless of His absence. How did this happen? Could it happen to us? And why is the answer to this critical to the onset of transforming revival?