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Format: DVD      Runtime: 52 min      Released: 1999

Part inspiration, part instruction, this documentary presents an overview of several present-day communities experiencing transforming revival. The catalytic leaders at the heart of these stories share lessons learned from their own experience on the Core Principles of Transforming Revival (things always present) and Common Obstacles to Transforming Revival (things always opposing). Presented in short segments, these topics increase understanding, while helping to inspire focused prayer and action in any community of believers.

Hosted by George Otis, Jr., The Quickening features the voices of international advocates for dynamic revival and transformation including Ruth Ruibal (Colombia), Campbell McAlpine (England), Alistair Petrie & Roger Armbruster (Canada), Jackson Senyonga & John Mulinde (Uganda), Harold Caballeros (Guatemala), Thomas Muthee (Kenya), Jack Hayford, Eddie Smith, George Barna (USA), and more.

The Quickening delivers the next level of intensive training and encouragement to Christians everywhere who have set a course toward transforming revival in their own communities and nations. Re-visit several of the communities that have experienced transformation in recent years, meet the catalytic leaders of these stories, and listen to their conclusions about why God came into their midst.

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