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Format: DVD      Runtime: 59 min      Released: 1999

Imagine a community where 92 percent of the population is born-again, where city jails have been closed for lack of crime, and where agricultural productivity has reached biblical proportions.

Journey to four communities undergoing dramatic societal changes as the invading, transforming presence of God alters everything. From a hillside metropolis formerly run by Colombian drug lords to a rural village in Kenya, these thoroughly documented case studies illustrate what happens when God's people petition Godto return - and He does!

"Transformations is a superb documentary on the reformation of four cities that, despite their vast differences in culture, race, size and geography, have experienced major revival. Viewers are treated to wonderful testimonies and background music. Anyone with a passion for revival should see this video." ~ Charisma Magazine

"This heartening and challenging documentary profiles cities in California, Colombia, Guatemala, and Kenya that God has transformed. The film shows how God is active throughout the world, [showing], as one pastor in the film says, "What can happen when God comes to town." ~ CBA Marketplace

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