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City of Hope11.99

Digital Download.

1. City of Hope by Ricky Skaggs, Steve Gulley & Sharon White
2. Every Humble Knee Must Bow  by Don Rigsby with Donnie Stevens
3. Jesus Help Me to Stand  by Dale Ann Bradley
4. Lay 'Em Down  by Josh Shilling
5. Quiet Hills  by Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley
6. River of Pain  by Keith Garrett
7. Shady Grove  Instrumental
8. Tedious and Tasteless  by Don Rigsby
9. The Man from Galilee  by Mike Scott
10. The Things I Used to Do  by Don Rigsby and Dale Ann Bradley
11. Water in the Well  by Dale Ann Bradley with Steve Gulley
12. You Don't Have to Move That Mountain by Hannah Smith

Unleashing the Power of Informed Intercession19.99

by George Otis, Jr.
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Imagine a community where 92 percent of the population is born again; city jails have been closed for lack of crime; economic prosperity is so pronounced it is studied by international experts. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. George Otis, Jr. has examined many such cases. Unleashing the Power of Informed Intercession is a distillation of his observations - principles and techniques that, if applied in faith, can produce similar results in your own neighborhood! This 5-CD audio curriculum provides a comprehensive exploration of spiritual mapping and how such a tool aids intercessors in transforming a community.

The Twilight Labyrinth

by George Otis, Jr.
Coming Soon.

This series will take most listeners on a journey unlike any they have been on before. They will learn how and where ancient spiritual strongholds were established in the aftermath of Babel, how Satan has managed to deceive millions by animating their mythologies, and why this present generation is moving into a season of unprecedented supernatural activity.

In the end, this voyage into the spiritual dimension will radically transform the listeners’ view of the world in which they live and minister.