Unity in the Spirit by Ruth Ruibal

Paperback:  $9.99

Ruth Ruibal, featured in the Transformations documentary, takes you on a historical journey from her arrival in Colombia, through her husband's martyrdom, and on to the unprecedented unity of the churches in Cali. Compelling testimonies and revelatory teaching on biblical unity both inform and penetrate. The ever-growing testimony of the church in Cali is that God is well able to bring His children into a unity of spirit that impacts the overall condition of an entire community.

The Seal of Faith illustrated by Pete Berg

Paperback:  $3.99

The Seal of Faith is a beautiful children’s book, companion to Transformations II, recounting the story of how the Gospel reached the Inuit in Canada’s Arctic region.

The Twilight Labyrinth by George Otis, Jr.

Paperback:  $19.99

George Otis Jr. traveled to nearly 50 nations over a seven-year period, conducting thousands of interviews and doing extensive research to write this book. A foundational work on the subject of spiritual warfare, The Twilight Labyrinth is written to help Christians arrive at a more complete understanding of the modern spiritual battlefield. Journey through ancient civilizations, the human mind, and God's eternal Word to answer the question, "Why does spiritual darkness linger where it does?"