A Vision of Revival for College Campusesby Chris Ngai

Paperback:  $12.99

"A Vision of Revival for College Campuses is a rare collection of authentic principles, great stories, and unbridled passion — all custom fitted to the unique reality of campus life." - George Otis, Jr. Chris Ngai has seen an extraordinary work of God take place at Arizona State University since 2005, through a united movement among the Body of Christ.
He is also part of an initiative to resource and raise up movements of unity, prayer, and love on college campuses across the nation.

When God Transforms the Desert by Steve Loopstra

Paperback:  $8.99

The city of Algodão de Jandaíra was dying. Those who could leave had left, and the remaining two thousand were living in "survival mode". No significant rain had fallen in that region of Northern Brazil for 23 years. The little available water was brown and brackish. Living in mud and stick houses, most of the people survived from day to day on meager rations - sometimes only cactus leaves and coffee for breakfast. But the Lord had a purpose and destiny for little Algodão, and in the fall of 2002, God launched His miraculous plan. When God Transforms the Desert tells the incredible story of God's power to transform lives, churches, communities, and the very land itself for His Glory.

The Seal of Faith illustrated by Pete Berg

Paperback:  $3.99

The Seal of Faith is a beautiful children’s book, companion to Transformations II, recounting the story of how the Gospel reached the Inuit in Canada’s Arctic region.

The Twilight Labyrinth by George Otis, Jr.

Paperback:  $19.99

George Otis Jr. traveled to nearly 50 nations over a seven-year period, conducting thousands of interviews and doing extensive research to write this book. A foundational work on the subject of spiritual warfare, The Twilight Labyrinth is written to help Christians arrive at a more complete understanding of the modern spiritual battlefield. Journey through ancient civilizations, the human mind, and God's eternal Word to answer the question, "Why does spiritual darkness linger where it does?"